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Upper Jaw Full Arch

Options for Missing Teeth in Upper Jaw

The missing teeth of Upper Jaw can be replaced with Ceramic permanent teeth in 3 days with new generation of Immediate Loadable, single piece implants. Full set of 14 teeth in the Upper Jaw can be replaced with fixed ceramic teeth either with a porcelain fused to metal or metal free zirconia in 3 days without bone grafting and sinus lifts. 8-12 Swiss make IHDE dental implants are placed depending on the quality and quantity of bone. Combination of bi cortical (BCS) compression (KOS) and 2 Tuberopterygoid are placed with a minimally invasive flapless procedure. We use Basal implants in combination with crestal implants. With the help of pterygoid implant cantilevers are avoided. By doing so, 1st molars are also replaced, which help in very efficient and natural chewing pattern. In our time tested technique no bone augmentation or bone grafting is needed. It is even suitable for people who have previously failed implant procedures, enlarged sinus and deficient bone or no bone.

Upper Jaw Full Arch

Immediate loading implants are the perfect solutions. They may be just what you are looking for if :-

1. You have recently lost all teeth but don't want dentures.

2. You currently have dentures and don't like wearing them.

3. You can't wear dentures because they make you bit or choke.

Principles of Immediate Functional Loading Use of Tuberopterygoid Implants in Upper Jaw

Case of Upper Jaw Full Arch
Age 56 Female with highly osteoporotic jaws, high cholesterol and restricted mouth opening treated with principles of Immediate Functional Loading Use of Tuberopterygoid Implants in Upper Jaw to avoid Sinus Lift engagement of base mandible in Lower Jaw done to give Fixed Teeth in 3 Days.