Full Mouth Rehabilitation With Zirconia Crowns
- Dr Rohan Virani on 3/22/2022

This case report presents the case of a 33-year-old male who reported the chief complaint of unpleasing aesthetics. This was due to fracture and discoloration of the previously done fillings for the front teeth. In addition to this, there was a fracture of silver fillings done a long time ago for the posterior teeth resulting in pain and discomfort while chewing food.

To worsen the condition further the previously untreated teeth had decayed ultimately resulting in sensitivity, pain, and discomfort. Also, the patient was not very happy with the alignment and the yellowish color of the teeth and was willing to get it corrected permanently without the involvement of the braces (i.e. orthodontic treatment).

The most important part to be considered before any treatment is started is proper discussion and discovery of the patient’s chief complaint and concerns. In this case, the patient was willing for a fixed, long term solution that would help him resolve all of these problems at once and that too in a specific frame of time as he had traveled to India just for getting treated for all of his dental issues and wanted to travel back to his home town at the earliest.

Understanding the patient's needs, a detailed treatment plan was advised for him which included rehabilitation of his full mouth with zirconia crowns. The treatment plan was addressed and executed in a phase-wise manner.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR)?

A Full Mouth Rehabilitation/Reconstruction is needed when your oral health deteriorates completely due to multiple dental problems.
The procedure has the power to turn back the clock by taking away at least 10-20 years of facial aging.
Along with looking and feeling younger, you will also be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again.
It might sound like a complicated procedure, but FMR is a very simple procedure merely combining restorative dental treatments to fix or rebuild your smile and strengthen oral tissue and tooth structures as well with proper planning and involvement of intellectually and technically demanding procedures.

Advantages of Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

  • Correction of teeth affected by chips and cracks.

  • Correction of teeth misalignment and gaps/spaces.

  • Correction of discoloration and teeth affected by deep stains.

  • Correction of teeth affected by damage or decay.

  • Treatment of periodontal (gum) disease.

  • Improvement of worn-down teeth.

  • Replacement of missing teeth.

  • Improvement of conditions associated with TMJ disorders.

The first step in the FMR process is the initial evaluation. After a thorough review of the patient’s medical and dental history, a comprehensive dental examination is completed, including a proper radiographic assessment. The following is the preoperative OPG of the patient showing multiple fractured fillings and deep cavities.