Single Tooth Replacement With Basal Implants
- Dr Rohan Virani on 12/14/2021

A 28-year-old man came to our clinic with the chief complaint of a broken front tooth. This broken front tooth was the reason for an unaesthetic smile which kept him away from a beaming smile, as informed by him.

The patient wanted the treatment for this problem to be done in the minimum time period as he had his wedding in the next ten days. Furthermore, he was expecting treatment that would cause the least possible trauma making the procedure as painless as possible giving a fixed long–term solution.

After having a detailed conversation with the patient and explaining to him the different treatment options, the doctor at Trisa Dental Solutions and the patient agreed to go ahead with the option of basal implant-supported with a fixed prosthesis. The key reason to choose this process was that it does not require any cuts or bone grafting making the procedure more atraumatic and time-saving.

Brief About Basal Implants:

Basal implant procedure refers to the principles of utilizing basal bone which is free of infection and resorption. The basal implant is a new broad indication and has almost no limitations.

It could be categorized to be an “Oral Division of Orthopedic surgery as per Basal Implant Center in Mumbai at Trisa Dental Solutions.” We were one of the first providers of the Immediate Basal Implant system in Mumbai, India.

Below are a few advantages and benefits of Basal implants over the other options:

  • Flapless implants - which means the treatment will involve no cuts and bleeding will be minimal.
  • No bone grafting is required.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Basal implants are also called immediate loading implants because they are loaded in 72 hours.


Detailed intraoral examination below reveals the preoperative intraoral view showing fracture of lateral incisor at the cervical portion of the tooth leaving the root piece inside with poor prognosis.

The below image represents the preoperative radiographic view. It shows that the fractured lateral incisor was root canal treated previously, is periodontally compromised, has periapical lesion causing poor prognosis. Hence the tooth was extracted followed by immediate flapless implant placement making the treatment less traumatic, least painful, and quick.