Whiter Teeth Brighter Smile In Just One Hour
- Dr Rohan Virani on 1/20/2022

A 19–year-old lady reported to the clinic with the chief complaint of discoloration of teeth. The overall oral health of the patient was favorable. On clinical examination, moderate yellowish bands of discoloration were observed. Following this, the patient was reviewed with the options and details involving bleaching. After having a detailed discussion the patient felt that in-office bleaching would meet her needs.

Brief Introduction About Dental Bleaching:

  • In-office teeth whitening is one of the most inexpensive and simplest ways of transforming a smile.
  • Dental bleaching can be predictable, comfortable, and safe with satisfying results.
  • The ph of the bleaching gel is neutral and contains a desensitizer to maximize patient comfort.
  • Whitening your teeth with a dental professional will help in removing stains from your teeth in the right manner allowing them to strengthen and become healthier.
  • Teeth bleaching is the fastest way of getting your teeth whitened giving you a healthy-looking bright smile boosting your self-esteem.

Radiographic examination was carried out for checking the vitality of the teeth and ruling out the presence of any periapical pathologies.
No periapical radiolucency was observed on the radiograph. Additionally, the patient gave no history of tooth sensitivity.