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Brief Description

This book is a revolutionary and practise changing insight on how to treat patients with missing teeth with minimally invasive and simplitistic treatment protocols in just 3 days time. This scientific and practical approach mentioned in this book not only makes the treatment easier for the patient but also the dentist offering this therapy. This automatically leads to a huge influx of other patients looking for similar dental work with this technique. Hence it may be apt to call this book a practise revolution in more ways than one.

Purpose of book -

The book helps to logically and simplistically migrate the dentists to this new and exciting science of basal implantology thus bypassing the ancient and now challengeable rules of dental implantology. The foundation for understanding the science of basal implantology and its practical applications for benefit of patients in general and mankind in specific will be well established to the readers of this book.
This book can be the 1st of its kind in the field of basal implantology.

Problems solved by the book for readers -

It is obvious by now the readers of this book will be dentists who wish to provide their patients with simple yet scientifically established latest treatment protocols. The techniques mentioned in this book are so simple yet unfortunately away from the hands of many dentists until now.
The step by step guidelines ,easy reading and logistical algorithms mentioned in this book help not only provide great treatment outcomes to patients but also shoots the productivity of the dentists by upto 5 times or even more.

About The Author

Dr. Rohan Virani

- 12 years of progressive work expierence


  Placed over 5000+ dental implants
  Routinely handling overseas and international clients who fly down to India for basal implants.
  Among the 1st and very few in INDIA to start flapless basal implants dental procedure.
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About The Co Authors

Dr. Priyal Virani

- (Wife of Dr. Rohan Virani - clinical experience of over 10 years)

  Trained in Implantology from International Federation of implant university (IFUIBE-FRANCE) by Dr.Manuel Chanavaz.
  Full Mouth Rehabilitation programme at Smile care, Mumbai (affiliated to New York University).
  UCSF Advance Programme on Restorative Dentistry at World dental, Mumbai (affiliated Certificate programme by University of California, San Francisco).
  Certificated basal implantologist by IFFID

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Dr Chaitali Khona

- BDS with 2 years of clinical work expierence.

  Certificated basal implantology by IFFID
  Primary care dentist at Trisa dental solutions - MUMBAI INDIA

Dr Suresh Ludhwani

- MDS, PGCOI, PGCMT, PGDHASpecialist in Oral Medicine and Dento-maxillofacial Radiology Senior lecturer, CDSRC Bopal
(Co-Author Chapter 15 - Computer Guided Basal Implantology)

  Oroscan, 9, Satya Complex, 132 Feet Ring Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015, Opposite Sainik Petrol Pump, Near Shivranjani And Shyamal.

Dr Abhijeet Singh

(Co -Author Chapter 11 - Lab Steps In Basal Implantology)

  Shop no. 9, Datta Sai Co Op Housing Society, Behind Shri Ram Medical. Near Ashwini Hospital, Vadavli Section, Ambernath East 421501.

Who Should Read This Book ?

  Dental students pursuing dental sciences at undergraduate/post graduate level.
  Private dental practioners.
  Dental implantologists.
  Under graduate students who wish to know fundamental of basal implants and associated implant anatomy
  Post graduate students who wish to know and practically apply science of basal implants to benefit their patients.
  Oral and plastic surgeons rehabilitating oral cancer patients after hemi maxillectomy /hemi mandibulectomies
  Prosthodontists executing dental implant prosthesis in various scenarios like - single tooth, segments, full mouth dental implants.
  Dentists in private practise who need clinical guidelines and practical approach to kickstart implant practise.
  Seasoned dental implantologists who wish to upgrade to more non invasive dental implant procedures
  Dentists who wish to offer their patients less time consuming and painless dental implants
  Dentists who wish to know how to give their patients fixed teeth in various scenarios in less then 3 days without extensive bone grafting surgeries.
  Dentists who wish to treat medically compromised patients like severe hypertension, diabetics etc in which conventional implants are not possible due to practical limitations
  Dentists who wish to rehabilitate patients with resorbed ridges and penumatised sinuses
  Dentists who wish to 5x their implant practise and thus increase overall clinic profits in an absolutely healthy and scientific ethical way
  Dentist who wish to provide teeth for patients who have no scope or failed conventional implants.

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Benefits To Readers

Until so far dentist practising conventional implants needed to subject their patients to complex bone grafting and sinus lift procedures and then drill implants in patients jaw. The patients underwent a tiring and most often expensive journey to get fixed teeth. Many patients couldn't afford it or even opted out of it as it needed complex therapies. This also burdened the dentist to perform complex surgeries and accumulate expensive armamentarium for this surgeries.

Basal implantology is the science of giving fixed teeth in 3 days to every patient. This single technique can be done in all patients even on patients -with weak jaw bones and resorbed jaws.

Three key features and content in the book :

1 -   Treat all patients with simple non invasive flapless surgeries giving patients what they came in for - teeth rather than asking them to undergo multiple complex surgeries before giving them teeth
2 -   Treat all kinds of patients with simple armamentarium and simple techniques which can be learned and mastered by every dentist.
3 -   Sky rocket your patient conversions as patients will simply love you once you offer them simple painless solutions for their problems thus invariably also increasing your productivity.

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Why Read This Book Instead Of Available Similar Books In Market ?

The book proposed by the author will be 1st of its kind giving latest clinical guidelines using single piece basal implants with flapless technique . All other competing books may have mentioned similar scientific data but none mentions the technique of using single piece basal implants in a flapless protocol .

Most segments of this book can be termed unique content with no similar mentions in any book (to authors best knowledge)-

This content is -
1.   Complete description of modern day designs of one piece basal implants and their application in various clinical situations.
2.   Detailed chapters on ptyergoid implant in flapless protocol mentioning Double ptyergoid , trans sinus ptyergoid implants in detail with clinical examples , technqiue and probabe complications
3.   Detailed chapter on handling resorbed mandible with technique of flapless nerve bypass (buccal and lingual nerve bypass)
4.   Extensive chapter on case planning for basal implants with mention on cbct guided case planning (multimodal planning for basal implants)
5.   Application of this theory with actual case presentation in almost all scenarious in the jaw
6.   Special techniques for creating retreivability with basal implants
7.   Intra oral welding with basal implants
8.   Impression protocols in various scenarios
9.   Stent guided basal implants

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The Similar Books Available In This Topic With Our Observations For The Book Are As Follows-

1. Basal Implantology 2019 By Gérard M. Scortecci
The book is almost outdated in the present scenario and except for historical reference most things mentioned in the book are not relevant as of present day.

2. Principles of BOI :
Clinical, Scientific, and Practical Guidelines to 4-D Dental Implantology Though the scientific principles mentioned in the book remain relevant today a lot of updates in the science behind basal technology were probably no known during the scripting of this book.The technique of implant placements and the prosthetic work flow can be considered outdated in today's context.

3. Immediate loading - IHDE & IHDE
Scripted in 2012 and widely followed.However this book mentions utilisation of science associated with basal implantology and BOI IMPLANTS USING OPEN FLAP TECHNIQUE which can now be termed oudated.Various present day upgrades in field of basal implantology in past 8 years make this book almost practically irrelevant to apply for clinicians.

4. Introduction into the work with strategic implant - IHDE & IHDE
As the title itself suggests this 79 page book s is a mere sneak peak into the science of basal implants and not a comprehensive guideline.It can be considered more of a marketing catalogue to raise reader curiosity and not a book in true sense.

5. Lab work on the strategic implant
This book is for more lab technicians handling the work of basal implants .As compared to this our book gives detailed clinical guidelines for dentist in terms of lab procedures while receiving work from dental laboratory.

Our book also provides details about cad-cam prosthesis and zirconia prosthesis with case examples which is not mentioned anywhere in any of the books mentioned above.

6. cookbook on mastication -ihde and ihde
This 56 page book attempts to provide guidelines to various strategies for occlusal balancing on basal implants.

Our book comprehensively covers this guideliness along with various other guidelines of clinical significance which have been missed in this book.The illustrations in our book along with tabulated algorithms make the reading and understanding much more user friendly and easy to apply for clinicians.

Our book comprehensively covers everything related to modern day basal implant dentistry keeping a practical approach needed for clinicians.

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Table Of Contents

1. Why Basal Implants
Explains the need for shift to basal implants as routine practise protocol for every dentist. Its advantages and disadvantages over conventional implants .It elaborates how introducing basal implants in practise will be a big game changer for every clinician.

2. Evolution Of Basal Implants
Briefly takes us through the history of basal implants from 1960 till present date. The story telling type narration which is atypical in scientific books makes the viewer connect immediately with the science and the rationale which led to its constant evolution.

3. Current Generation Of Implant
A perfectly scripted chapter which exactly explains each and every current generation of basal implants with its practical applications .The simplistic content in tabulated form engrosses the reader making him deep dive into the science of basal implants .The beauty of this chapter is the every illustration takes the narration ahead instead of being just a reference. This makes the reading enjoyable and fast paced rather then stagnant and boring.

4. Bone Physiology
Explaining the science behind basal implantology to make the reader connect with the science.Scripting this chapter was most difficult as the task was to make a paradigm shift in the dentists mind - moving them from ancient beliefs to newer thought processes. A sincere attempt has been made to keep the reading more like a logical narration rather then just bombarding readers with scientific facts.

5. Diagnostics In Basal Implantology
A good treatment execution cannot be made without god diagnosis.Various clinical, radiographical techniques are mentioned in detail to reach a perfect diagnosis before executing the surgery.

6. Surgical Techniqiues In Basal Implantology
Every dentist will want all dental techniques to be explained with so much detailing as we have done. Even the smallest tip like position of index finger during surgery is mentioned leaving very little to guess work.After reading this book the dentist will be crystal clear regarding how exactly the surgical work flow should go. It remains only a matter of execution after that.

7. Ptyerygoid Implant
This chapter can be rightly considered the heart of the book.It simply eliminates the need for sinus lift surgeries thus practically taking away 50% of the dental implant related problems. With a dedicated chapter on ptyergoid implants with mention on technique of double ptyerygoid implant and trans-sinus implant this chapter may well be THE USP OF OUR BOOK. The illustrations on specially designed stereolithic models along with xrays and clinical photos make the reader immediately confident with this procedure.

8. Case Planning
This chapter is every dentists delight.Treatment planning is made a cake -walk with the techniques and tips mentioned in this chapter.Every word mentioned is supported by actual case photographs to make the understanding very simple and absorbable.

9. Interim Prosthesis With Basal Implants
This chapter is another USP of the book. Not even a small mention of this exists anywhere in any of the competing textbooks.

10. Prosthetic Protocols
This is another very practical and to the point scripted chapter as we believe that the patients come to a dentist for teeth and not for implant.After simplfying the surgery the step by step prosthetic protocols form the icing on the cake.

11. Laboratory Steps In Basal Implantology
This is another very important yet often neglected part in leading dental implantology books.As the prosthesis is designed by the dental technicians it is imperative for dentists to know atleast the most relevant laboratory steps related to basal implants.

12. Occlusal Considerations In Immediate Loading
This is when the finally the patient verdict comes - when he start chewing on the fixed teeth.A good occlusal calibration is the corner stone to success in immediate functional loading with dental implants.

13. Maintainence Of Basal Implants
Another very important yet often missed aspect is post treatment maintainence regime.This chapter over simplifies this aspect.

14. Complications and Management Techniques
No dentist can be complete without being able to manage various complications associated with any procedure.This chapter covers almost all probable complications associated with basal implants with practical case examples.

15. Computer Guided Basal Implantology
Another unique chapter of this book where dentists can learn the art of computer guided basal implantology.

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Sr. No Content Details
1. Total Number Of Words 35000 (thirty five thousand words approximately)
2. Images 394 color images (color)
3. Tables 20 tables (color)
4. Flow Charts 10 flow charts (color)