Anti Snoring Device

A simple, customized, non-invasive & dentist-prescribed device to end your snoring problem.

Can You Prevent Snoring?


Sleep Quality Self-assessment

• Has anybody told you that your snoring disturbs them?
• Do you feel dull upon waking up?
• Do you take a nap in the afternoon due to an energy slump?
• Has anyone told you to gasp for breath at night?
• Do you have High blood pressure?
• Is your age more than 50 years?
    If your answer to most of the questions was yes then ask your dentist if the ASD treatment is right for you!

Introducing ASD: Anti Snoring Device

A simple, customized, non-invasive & a dentist-prescribed device to end your snoring problem.

How Does It Work?

• Curbs Snoring 
• Helps Treat Symptoms of OSA
• Frees Your Airway
• Uninterrupted Breathing & Promotes Restful Sleep

What Are The Overall Benefits Of Using This Device?

• Better quality & sound sleep
• Improved respiratory function 
• Improves overall quality of life 
• Convenient & adapts perfectly to your teeth 
• High compliance rate for long-term use

Product Description:

ASD is a CUSTOMIZED device comparison of upper Nd lower retainers that are attached with connectors and aimed at repositioning the lower jaw forward. This will allow the airway to remain patent and thus you will more.

Know Your ASD

1. Before inserting the device 
: brush and floss the teeth. Thoroughly rinse the mouth and the device with clean water if you are using mouthwash at bedtime, you must rinse the mouth before inserting the device. All traces of mouthwash must be rinsed out of the mouth. 
2. Wearing and Removal  of ASD
: Place the device on your teeth and press it towards the posterior teeth. Do not close your mouth to push the device. Push the retainers away from the teeth and the device will come off easily. 
3. Clearing and Storage Instructions 
: After removing the device, wash it with regular or cold water, do not use hot water. You may use the brush gently to clean the device. Shake off excess water and use a soft towel to wipe it dry before you place it in the container. 

DO NOT soak the device  in mouthwash, Denture cleanser, hot water(>50°), or alcohol
DO NOT wash the device with soap, toothpaste, or mouthwash. 
DO NOT dry the device with a blow dryer.
DO NOT store in direct sunlight.

What To Expect With ASD?

Use of the device may cause the following minor and short-term effects for about 15/20 minutes  in the morning after removing the device:
• Some tooth movement
• Gingival or dental soreness 
• Muscular or TM joint  discomfort  or soreness 
• Excessive  salivation 
• Difficulty in mouth breathing 
• Difficulty in chewing

Note: In case the discomfort persists, beyond 15/20 minutes kindly contact your dentist. At times, the device may pop out of jaws. This usually happens when the device is being used.

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