Aligners For Correct Positioning Of Teeth

These Aligners Are Less Noticeable Than Traditional Metal Braces And Can Achieve Similar Results For Many Patients.

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Aligners are orthodontic devices that are transparent, plastic trays that surround the teeth and are used for proper alignment of the teeth.

Uses of Dental Aligners:

  • Correction of crowding in front teeth
  • Correction of too far forwardly or backwardly placed teeth
  • Correction of rotated teeth
  • Correction of spacing present in-between teeth
  • Indicated for patients who have experienced a relapse after fixed braces/orthodontic treatment

clear aligners sample

Application of Clear Aligners:

Treatment begins with taking X-rays and photographs for diagnostic purposes.

This is followed by recording the measurements of the upper and the lower jaw or intra-oral digital scanning. Also, the biting pattern of the teeth is recorded.

A computer graphic representation showing the movement of teeth from the current position to the final desired position is created in the software program which is shown to the patient and if required the modifications are made accordingly.

Once the program is approved by the patient the desired set of aligners is manufactured using CAD-CAM (Computer-Aided-Design and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing) technology.

Before delivering the aligners to the patient composite attachment are bonded onto certain teeth to facilitate movement of the teeth.