Smile Enhancement without Braces

Metal braces were the only way to straighten crowded or crooked teeth traditionally. But now, dentists can straighten teeth without braces as there are many more alternatives available today.

3 Ways to Re-Shape Your Smile Without Braces

There are some alternative methods to enhance smile without braces treatment.

Straightening & Whitening With Veneers

    Initially, only Hollywood stars were known to get Veneers as it was a quick fix for teeth whitening. But today everyone prefers veneers for teeth whitening as they also transform the shape of your teeth.

    What Are Veneers?

    They are thin porcelain sleeves placed on the surface of your teeth. This layer is permanently cemented on your teeth.

    What Veneers Do?

    The main purpose of veneer was to give accurate shape to the teeth by fixing gaps between teeth. It can also cover hard stains on teeth which even cosmetic treatment cannot remove. Majorly used for teeth whitening and straightening.

Fixing a Gummy Smile With Gum Contouring

    When the gums cover half of the teeth or cover the teeth it is termed as a gummy smile. Cosmetic gum contouring treatment can help you get rid of gummy smiles.

    What Is Gum Contouring?

    The gum tissue covering most of the tooth surface is removed and the gum line is made uniform. This helps teeth look longer as more of the crown is revealed which was before covered with extra gum tissue. This procedure is done generally with the help of a laser. Though a laser is used for the treatment a local anesthetic is used to minimize any discomfort to the patient. It takes about a few days to recover as the inflammation subsides over time. It brings visible changes in your smile making it look more attractive.

Fixing Gaps & Tooth Shape With Aesthetic Bonding

    In order to fix the shape of teeth a porcelain or composite resin is applied on the tooth.This helps fix the aesthetics of the teeth and give you an appealing appearance. Commonly done for fixing gaps in teeth and also fixing chipped teeth. In some rare cases this treatment is also used to fix the size of a small tooth to match the remaining teeth. It is very cost-effective as compared to other treatments. It can be done in a single day and is a short procedure.

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