Swiss Implants

Swiss Implants - No Cut, No Grafting, No Waiting

  • The doctors have received full education, particularly for Immediate Loading Treatments. Dr. Rohan Virani has passed the exam for the Clinical Master of Immediate Loading® in Munich, Germany. Now Dr. Rohan Virani is 1st in Mumbai to be honored with Masters in Immediate Functional Loading SWISS Implant technology (MIFL-GERMANY). Dr. Rohan Virani and his team at Trisa Dental Solutions constantly strive to get the best dental technology in India. We, therefore, know how to create a predictable, satisfying result, handle the devices safely, and keep them useful for many years. Moreover, your full cooperation is needed to reach and maintain treatment success.
  • The titanium posts act as the real root of the tooth which helps the artificial tooth stay intact with the gums. This is why people say dental implants give the real feel of a natural tooth. The main benefit of dental implants is that they do not rely on adjacent teeth like in traditional teeth replacement techniques. So the healthy tooth is not affected by the implant procedure.
  • A reason Swiss Implants are so advanced is that it is made from advanced manufacturing technology. Dental implantology and prosthodontics are developed actively at the IHDE implant system. Our constant collaboration with IHDE has helped us advance with the latest technology.
  • In the case of atrophied jawbone basal implants are used. Basal Implants make it possible for implantologists to handle even complicated cases and help anyone get desired results.

Advantages Of Swiss Implants/ Immediate Loading System :-

  • After tooth extraction swiss implants can be placed immediately in the place of missing teeth. It is very safe as the implants are placed by trained surgeons in dental implantology. Generally, after 72 hours of implant placement new bridgework can be fabricated for the patient.
  • This technique includes implanting using bicortical anchoring as it is the most solid form of the bone. It makes the implant placement sturdy and safe.
  • Quick Procedure- Many traditional dental implant procedures take about 3 to 12 months. This is unlike any other treatment of dental implants in Mumbai. Local anesthesia is used for swiss implant procedures to make it more comfortable.
  • These types of implants are suitable for anyone irrespective of age or condition. Many possibilities are available to you for people in later years.


  •  He is 1st to start permanent fixed bridges on implants in just 3 days since 1996.
  •  There is a 100% success rate for this treatment.
  •  Maximum patients are treated without any artificial bone grafting and sinus lifts.
  •  Patents from all over the world.
  •  More than 1000 cases related to implantology were treated by Prof Ihde.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation done with Immediate Functional Loading

Patient from Australia age 52 male with controlled diabetes pneumatised sinuses and collapsed bite Full Mouth Rehabilitation done with Immediate Functional Loading on strategic Swiss Implants Flapless placement of implants done in both jaws with bilateral pterygoid implants and fixed teeth in 3 days (for upper jaw).


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