Crowns and Bridges

Teeth Crowns and Teeth Bridges at Trisa Dental Solution

Teeth Crown and Teeth Bridges

  • In the unfortunate event that you loose your Teeth Crown and Bridges are a time tested solution to replace missing teeth. A Crown is also required to protect a root canal tooth from fracturing. Sometimes a crown is also required to replace portions of missing tooth.
  • With the advances in technology and use of FDA approved materials at Trisa Dental Solutions you can have Crowns and Bridges which not only look life like but are infact stonger than your natural teeth. At Trisa Dental Solutions we use CAD - CAM technology from Germany to make precise and beautiful natural teeth.We have a tie-up with LAVA (3m-espe) which allows us to deliver life like crowns and bridges in only 2 working days and also give you a 15 year warranty with it.

Crowns and Bridges Available at Trisa Dental Solutions :-

  • Basic metal caps
  • Ceramic ( porcelain fused to metal caps with cad -cam technology) with 5 year warranty
  • Metal free ceramic crowns ( lava 3m -espe - 15 year warranty)
  • Zirconia monolith (robust - 25 years warranty)
  • Resin bonded prosthesis for high end cases.

Advantages :-

  • Accurate, precise and life like crowns and bridges.
  • 5-15 year warranty on various kinds of crowns and bridges.
  • Strategic tie-ups with ISO-certified dental labs enables us to deliver crowns and bridges in only 2 working days.

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