All On X Dental Implants

All On X / All On 4 / All On 6 Dental Implants

What Is All On X Dental Implant Procedure?

This is the minimally invasive technique using four or more strategically placed dental implants that allow a full-arch denture to be securely and permanently placed over them.

What Is All On 4 Dental Implant Procedure?

This technique is also known as the All in 4 dental implant procedure referring to all teeth being supported on four dental implants. This technique is very much efficient in cases of resorbed jaw bones and reduced bone density which are the main limitation of conventional implants.

What Is All On 6 Dental Implant Procedure?

The All on 6 is a variation of the All on 4 technique based on the same concept but instead of four, it uses six implants that are placed in the areas of the mouth with the highest bone volume. This treatment is designed for patients with enough bone structure and is an alternative to the conventional dental implant procedures, as this technique of All on 6 maximizes bone potential and thus helps in providing immediate final results.

Advantages Over Conventional Implants:

The biggest disadvantage of conventional dental implants is the waiting period of 3-12 months (after placement of implants) before receiving a good-looking smile and restoring the function of chewing.
Whereas this technique will restore the function of your mouth and will give you a confident and beautiful-looking smile in a much shorter time span.

Benefits Of All On X Technique:

  • As the technique is minimally invasive, not requiring bone grafting or any other intensive surgical procedure thus making the procedure almost pain-free or one with minimal pain. 
  • This also makes the procedure very much cost-effective
  • Recovery time is much faster
  • A temporary denture can be immediately loaded restoring the chewing and smile until the complete healing happens. The existing removal denture of the patient can be converted into a fixed temporary prosthesis immediately after the procedure.
  • Involves digital workflow including scanning, designing, and production of the temporary and final prosthesis more stable, convenient, and precise.
  • As it is a minimally invasive procedure, it reduces the time required for the surgery and can be performed on patients having diabetes, hypertension, and other such systemic issues.
  • It provides easy maintenance and intraoral hygiene.
  • It procedure enhances self-confidence, and self-esteem provides a healthy lifestyle and thus helps in improving the quality of life.

The following images illustrate some of the cases done with these techniques:
All On 4 post operative OPG

All On 6 Dental Implants

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