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Basal Implant Training

Dr. Rohan Virani has conducted several courses in conventional and basal implants across India.

DR. Rohan Virani is among the few Dentists In India trained directly by Prof. Idhe (Father of Modern Basal Implantology (Swiss Implants)).

He is appreciated by the course participants for giving clinical tips and giving practical guidelines.

Training sessions will include simplified lectures on basal implants.

It will include Live Surgery, simplified lectures on Prosthesis After Implants.

There will be a day dedicated to hands on so that the participants can get the actual feel of placing implants. The hands on will be on life like models.

This will give participants the confidence to place implants.

After the course participants will get certification from International Foundation For Implant Dentistry

The Participants Will Learn Unique Concept Of No Teeth To Permanent Teeth In Just 3 Days under able guidance of Dr. Rohan Virani.

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23,24 & 25 Oct,2020 Mumbai Sold Out
29,30 & 31 Jan,2021 Mumbai Fast Filling

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