Trisa Dental Solutions is a state of the art dental set up known for its quality Dental Treatment at affordable rates.             

Started by the vision of Dr. Rohan Virani and Dr. Priyal Virani the clinic now has a team of 8 highly qualified MDS Dentist in India, carry out all kinds of dental treatment under one roof.

The emphasis is on preventive dental care and we truly believe in providing effective, practical and customized dental treatment solutions to meet individual requirement. As an additional service to dental treatment for tourists we have launched Dental Tourism which will involve organizing stay & travel packages in India along with their Dental Treatment in Mumbai. 

Dr. Rohan VIrani was awarded by Internation Foundation in Germany by Dr. Stephan Ihde, for best paper.


Get Fixed Teeth In Three Days At Trisa Dental Solutions

"A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care"

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